Image Keyboard

Tired of the same old keyboard you use each day?
Sick of the dull grey keys that you press?
Want to make your keyboard more personal?

Image Keyboard is the easiest way to customize your keyboard and make it your own instead of using some random theme those other apps provide.  Now you can pick your own photo and use it as another wallpaper, but on your keyboard!  Pair your favorite picture with any color you want and you just created a masterpiece!

Choose any picture from your photo library, or take a new one to capture the moment!  Choose any color you can think of for the actual keys.  Now you are an artist!

Who wouldn't want to look at a family photo, or a photo of your college friends every time you use the keyboard?  Show your keyboard to your friends, or keep a special photo that only you want to see.  You are in control!

Yup, every other keyboard charges you upfront and then again when you want to customize it.  Not Image Keyboard!  Pay once and that is it!  You are supporting an independent developer by downloading my keyboard :)